AvMapsLoader Program Manual for Version 2.x

This page describes the program features of AvMapsLoader version 2.0.

Main Window

This is the main window of AvMapsLoader. On the left side you see the files (maps, voices and software update of the original Nokia Map Loader) displayed as in a tree view. Using the version checkboxes you can control for what map versions the information should be retrieved from the Nokia server. Once you've selected the map versions, just press the “Update Info” button and the tree view will show all files available on the Nokia server.

By selecting a map file (you can see the map attributes in the “Selected File Deatils” window below the tree view and pressing the ”»” button, you add the selected file to the download schedule. Using the right mouse button menu on a selected node of the tree view you can add all the direct submaps or even all maps in that hierarchy to the download schedule.

When you're finished adding maps to the download schedule just press the “Start Download” button to start the download process. But check first the text box showing the actual directory which is used to store the downloaded maps in the “Local Nokia Maps Files” textbox.

Extract File Dialog


After downloading map files, you can extract these map files to any directory. Normally you would like to extract the maps directly to the maps folder on the flash card of your mobile phone.

Until now the program is not able to access the folders in the phone over the USB connection. Therefore you need to attach the flash card to your computer by using a flash card reader. If you only want to have one map file extracted to the maps folder, then everything is quite easy. Just select the map file, press the “Extract file(s)” button, make sure that you've selected the correct maps folder on your flash card, and press the “Extract” button. You have the option to delete all existing files in the destination map directory before extraction by selecting this option.

If you want to merge different map files, then it get's a little bit more complicated. The Nokia map files for different regions are not mutually exclusive. Some map files contains files which are also part of another map file. Even worse, the colliding map files are not equal in size and date. Therefore you have the option to specify what should happen if a file to be extracted already exists in the destination folder. The options which can be set below should be enough to handle every possible situation.

The default setting (and that's what most people would use, even me :-) ) is to overwrite existing files if they are either smaller or it's creation date is older.

When extracting map files, a file called avmapshist.txt will be created and/or updated with a timestamp and the name of the installed map files in the destination directory. By this you have the possibility to know what map files have been extracted in the past.

Until now it is not possible to remove individual maps from the directory holding the unzipped map files because Nokia doesn't provide any information how this could be done.

When using the “Delete all existing files before extraction” option or activating the “Clean map dir…” button in the main window, all files in the selected directory will be deleted, but only if they are in the Nokia map specific subdirectory structure. E.g. all files <dstdir>/[0-9a-f]/[0-9a-f]/*.

Options Dialog

The next screenshot shows the option dialog. Normally there is nothing really important to be set.

But one thing is worth to be mentioned: the Nokia Map server provides the MD5 checksum for each map file. While doing the download, the program calculates the MD5 checksum and compares the two checksums. If they don't match, the downloaded will be deleted because of this mismatch. Unfortunately the MD5 checksums provided for the 0.0.13h version of the map files are not correct. Therefore the option to check the checksums is disabled for this version.

The options can be saved and loaded from a .ini file. This is just a plain text file.

Map History Dialog

Export Dialog


Thomas Stein, 2010/02/22 06:11


das Programm ist grandios. Nur eins blieb ungeklärt: Welcher Ordner auf der Flash-Card genau soll für das extrahieren der heruntergeladenen Dateien angegeben werden - diskcache oder cities?

Ansonsten weiter so!

Artur, 2010/12/03 20:12

I have a problem. When I extract latest Nokia Maps to my E52 flash card to /CITIES directory (I deleted all files from previous version of the maps) I still see previous version of the maps when I check map version in Nokia Maps Menu (on the phone). When /CITIES folder is empty maps version is so the phone knows when maps are in /CITIES folder and when not. Guys, please help.

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